Akim Jerusalem

70 Years Of Independent Living In The community

The Timeline of Akim-Jerusalem

More than 70 years ago, a couple of Jerusalem doctors, Dr. Malka (Mali) and Dr. Avraham Spighel, immigrant Zionists from Germany, initiated the establishment of the “Akim Association”. Akim was founded together with a handful of friends from Jerusalem, most of whom, like the Spighel couple, were parents of children with special needs.

To this day, the association provides children and adults with developmental disabilities with a comprehensive and diverse package of services that suits the needs of each and every one of them.

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Akim-Jerusalem provides housing and, stimulating activities, and daily support for individuals with intellectual disabilities—through each phase of their lives

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For boys and girls aged 7-16, Akim Jerusalem runs a daycare (long education day), which allows them to enjoy a long and varied range of enrichment and leisure activities, beyond the regular school hours.

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Young people

Akim Jerusalem operates a housing system for young people aged 21-40 who face intellectual-developmental disabilities in the community, which allows them to experience independent living as part of the personal development process of each and every tenant.

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For the adult audience (55 and over), Akim Jerusalem operates hostels, which are accompanied by medical and paramedical personnel, at any given moment, beyond the association's staff. We accompany them with dedication and do everything to allow them to grow old with dignity and enjoy old age.

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Our Residences

Our housing system provides community housing for young people and adults with developmental intellectual disabilities at different levels of functioning. We carefully choose the optimal place to live for each of our tenants, the partners and the most suitable staff for them, taking into account their level of functioning and social needs.

Leisure and Cultural Activities

Did you discuss artists? theater? Fencing or cooking. Akim Jerusalem’s Culture and Leisure Department offers over 25 courses and classes that enable the enrichment of the world of the residents.

Warm recommendations

We are proud partners with Israel’s Ministry of Social Services, the Jerusalem Municipality and Philanthropists who Share Our Vision of Community Inclusion for People with Special Needs The people of Akim Jerusalem.

Follow Your Heart to Empower People with Intellectual and and Developmental Disabilities

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