Artists’ Workshop

AKIM-Jerusalem is engaged in an ongoing search for places where our residents, people with special needs, can give expression to their inner world.  In 2001, AKIM-Jerusalem established an art studio, which became a studio that supported a group of 20 of our residents in becoming a group of artists with a shared purpose.  Our artists utilize varied artistic techniques which enable them to pursue self- expression with pride and overcome the limitations of daily life. The program has tremendous value in promoting both rehabilitation and emotional well-being. Many participants are in their 50s, and are coping with the challenges of aging, which occur prematurely for individuals with intellectual disabilities. Their capacity to take an active role in other activities is limited. The program also provides an encounter with the community at large: local schools and businesses conduct art workshops in cooperation with AKIM-Jerusalem, creating an ongoing connection with the broader public. The arts and crafts that are the product of this workshop have been shown in 12 exhibitions to date, including the Jerusalem Biennale.

Studio works