Professional Staff

Social workers

Each tenant receives emotional support from the professional social staff of Akim Jerusalem. Accompaniment includes family meetings, home visits, and as needed meetings with family and the workplace. Accompanied by the staff of the apartment or hostel, each tenant will receive the full support he or she needs.


3 times a week a senior doctor from Hadassah visits Akim Jerusalem's hostels, the doctor accompanies the tenants for years and knows them and their medical file well.

Communication clinician

Areas of practice of communication clinicians are locating, diagnosing, treating and rehabilitating people with hearing, communication, language, speech (voice, steering and speech rhythm) disorders, swallowing and eating.


In each frame a balanced menu was built, by professionals.


People with developmental mental disabilities may suffer from musculoskeletal problems including the musculoskeletal system due to a variety of reasons such as physical disability that accompanies mental disability, mobility impairment in old age or due to a syndrome that accompanies physical deterioration (such as Rett syndrome). Because of this, physiotherapy treatments are important for them in order to maintain and improve quality of life and movement skills.

Occupational therapist

Occupational therapy is a therapeutic-rehabilitative-educational field designed to assist the patient in the physical, cognitive, emotional and social realms. The treatment focuses on improving functional abilities in order to promote daily activities and allow as much independence as possible. Each person is assigned a personal treatment plan according to their needs and abilities.

Sensory therapist

Sensory therapy contributes greatly to the advancement of people with developmental intellectual disabilities. In order to enable a sensory therapeutic environment, the snooze room has been established which is a multi-sensory environment used for relaxation, learning and communication development.

Director of Promotion Programs

Individual advancement programs aim to help develop the skills to the best extent possible through a process of developing skills and abilities. The program covers all areas of life. Its purpose is to bring about an improvement in a person's quality of life to enable independence, realization and self-expression.