Our Residences

More than 70 years ago, AKIM-Jerusalem was a trailblazer.  For the very first time, we opened the door to a hostel for people with special needs in the midst of a city.  Our hostel was created with the vision that people with special needs can be in the mainstream of a community, rather than live in isolation. Since then, we strive for full inclusion of people with special needs as part of a healthy and vibrant community. We have established growing numbers of apartments and hostels whose residents are fully engaged in the life of the city of Jerusalem.

אקים ירושלים
אקים ירושלים

AKIM-Jerusalem’s response to the COVID Crisis

Since the entire AKIM-Jerusalem community copes with pre-existing conditions, the members of our community were at greater risk than their peers. The COVID crisis demanded the full enlistment of our leaders and staff to sustain a healthy and safe environment for all. For many months, our residents were unable to work or participate in their beloved leisure activities. 

AKIM-Jerusalem retained its commitment to the best possible quality of life and diverse enrichment activities for the apartment and hostel dwellers during that period. Although the residents missed their work and leisure activities, we struck the best possible balance between strict compliance with Ministry of Health and government standards and adapted activities to meet the needs of youth and adults alike. 

We are proud of our staff’s professionalism and whole-hearted investment in the well-being of our residents during a very challenging time.   

אקים ירושלים

AKIM-Jerusalem Apartments

AKIM-Jerusalem Apartments focus on the individual homes and the group surroundings of our apartments. Our apartments are modern and well-appointed with the atmosphere of a warm and welcoming home. The apartments are located within the cities, in convenient locales with access to public transportation, municipal centers, health clinics and shopping centers.

Our highest priority is enhancing the quality of life of each residence in keeping with the safety and accessibility of each apartment. Residents are assigned apartments in accordance to their social needs, age, level of functioning and lifestyle. AKIM-Jerusalem’s planning gives expression to the individual needs of each resident. All apartment dweller receive the care, monitoring and tools need so they can participate in the leisure activities that interest them.  We do everything possible to ensure that residents retain close ties with their families