More than 70 years ago, a couple of Jerusalem doctors, Dr. Malka-Mali and Dr. Avraham Spighel, immigrant Zionists from Germany, initiated the establishment of the “Akim Association”. Akim was founded together with a handful of friends from Jerusalem, most of whom were like The Spighel couple, parents of children with special needs.

To this day, the association provides children and adults with developmental disabilities with a comprehensive and diverse package of services that suits the needs of each and every one of them.

אקים ירושלים

The Spighel Family established Akim in Jerusalem

אקים ירושלים

The inauguration of “Beit Hariga,” the first sheltered workplace

פתיחת מעון אדי שור

The inauguration of the “Edy Shor” kindergarten for children ages 3-6


Opening of the “Rachel Strauss House

School for adolescents with intellectual disabilities

טקס פתיחת הוסטל "בית יוליה"

The inauguration of “Beit Yulia” Israel’s first community hostel for 24 adults with intellectual disabilities


The inauguration of “observed classrooms” for children with developmental delays

טקס פתיחת מבצע "גג לילד המפגר"

The opening ceremony of “Roof for the Retarded Child”

Wife of the President of the State Mrs. Rachel Shazar with Dr. Mali Spighel


The inauguration of the “Hatena” school for children in need of nursing care

אקים ירושלים

Magen Hostel Opening Ceremony

אקים ירושלים

The inauguration of the Model Apartments program

אקים ירושלים

The inauguration of the after-school program in the recreation center, the after-school program for children with disabilities


The inauguration of the first apartment to integrate men and women. Afterwards, 18 additional apartments were opened

אקים ירושלים

The inauguration of the Center to Support Families, a program for home-based assistance

אקים ירושלים

The inauguration of the Ben Yehuda after-school program

אקים ירושלים

The renovation and the enhanced accessibility of the Rachel Straus Center

קריאת רחוב על שם ד''ר מלכה (מלי) שפיגל, מייסדת אקים

The naming of a Jerusalem street to honor Dr. Malka (Molly) Spighel, founder of Akim

We will be very happy if you find it appropriate to open your heart and join the Akim Jerusalem family too!