AKIM-Jerusalem is first and foremost a home.  AKIM-Jerusalem was founded more than 70 years ago with the aim of providing comprehensive services for children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities that affect varied aspects of their functioning.


The AKIM-Jerusalem family provides support, housing and activities for all ages.

אקים ירושלים

Children (ages 7-16)

Schoolchildren from ages 7 until 16 are entitled to a long school day (an afterschool program), designed to challenge and enrich them, and,at the same time, provide their parents with the time they need to work and attend to family needs. After-school programs provide quality individual attention for children with special needs. They get a nutritious meal and spend the afternoon engaged in diverse activities including becoming acquainted with animals, drama, sport, baking, and other activities.

אקים ירושלים

Young adults and adults (ages 21-40)

Young adults benefit from living in apartments in the community, which promotes their personal development in keeping with their needs. In some of the apartments, counselors are present 24/7, and in others the residents manage independently during the night hours.

אקים ירושלים

Aging adults (ages 45+)

We have hostels designed to assist residents as they age, guided by medical staff and physiotherapists always close at hand. Our staff cares for them with dedication, with sensitive attention to their physical and emotional needs. They are provided with enjoyable leisure activities to enhance their well-being, and are served nutritious meals with menus planned by dieticians in keeping with their needs. AKIM-Jerusalem is a warm home for all its residents.

AKIM-Jerusalem is a warm home for all its residents

The NGO has no political agenda and serves all of Jerusalem’s population with no discrimination on the bais of religion, creed or ethnicity.

Not all of the needed resources are provided by government authorities, thus AKIM-Jerusalem

The Akim-Jerusalem Family

engages in resource development from other sources to cover expenses including cultural and leisure activities, studies and enrichment, and paramedical services.

The staff and volunteers include Israelis and individuals from overseas.  All are dedicated to investing their best effors to enrich the lives and well-being of the residents, so they may develop in accordance with their capacitis and inclinations.

The residents are exposed to rich cultural activities, theater, music and entertainment, museums and art workshops.  We are a big family, celebrating birthdays, and enjoying games and play.


The AKIM-Jerusalem Family

אקים ירושלים

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Akim Jerusalem is proud to collaborate with the Ministry of Welfare, the Jerusalem Municipality as well as with foundations and private donors. We will be very happy if you find it appropriate to open your heart and join the Akim Jerusalem family too!

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