A Supportive Environment

The Support Environment program enables young adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (ages 18 and older) to lead normative lives in the community.

The program supports adults with intellectual abilities (people living on their own, with a partner, or with a frail parent) to continue to live independently in their own household. They are given support to pursue all aspects of their lives independently in their chosen environment with the best possible quality of life.  The program is conducted with the funding and oversight of the Ministry of Social Services and in partnership with professionals in the local municipality.

Every individual served receives the guidance of a social worker and a personal counselor to assist in matters of daily living, in keeping with an individualized plans in accordance with the person’s needs and preferences. The staff meet with the beneficiary in his or home on a regular weekly basis, and provide accompaniment to medical appointment and follow through in matters of medications.

They help to create collaborations among service authorities, families and the community. Assistance is provided on a daily basis and the service is a responsible and significant source of support for the care of the individual in coordination with social services and guardians.

The program is unique in Israel: It is the only such service that offers an alternative to hostels and care facilities, enabling adults with disabilities to continue to live in their own homes.